Coop Concierge


Coop Concierge 3
Price: 600 USD In stock

We will install this high tec automatic door opener or you can buy separately. It gives you the opition to input your longitude and latitude coordinates so it opens with the sun rise and closes at sun set.

The Coop Concierge system has many features to care for your chickens and make your experience with them all the more enjoyable. A major feature of the Coop Concierge system is its automated door that control the chicken’s movements in and out of the coop. Soon after daybreak the automatic door will open letting them into the yard or their pen.

Soon before nightfall (2 years of observation put that time at when the sun is 4 degrees below the horizon), the door closes to keep the chickens inside and the predatory animals at bay. These door times are based off of the habits of chickens and can be tailored in the settings for each individual chicken coop. Also, there is a feature for any chickens who forgot to come back in on time; the “Tardy Chicken” function causes the door to open for a short period a set time after the door had closed for the night.

Coop Concierge Coop Concierge Coop Concierge