Exotic Chickens

10 Exotic Chicken Breeds

Chickens can be exceptionally amusing creatures to have pecking and scratching around your garden or yard. They always appear busy doing something, either it being chasing flies or scratching through the dirt. Chickens are remarkable creatures, birds of exceptional habit and enjoy having their own set routines. Such as when to have a dirt bath, when to run about, when to lay back in the sunshine or when to just sit on their favorite perch before kicking back watching the world go steadily by. Most people have seen and know what a typical chicken looks like, but have you ever seen or heard of or a Booted Bantam or maybe a Faverolle? Below are 10 of our favourite exotic and in some ways bizarre looking birds that you may have never seen

The Beautifully Bearded Araucana:The Arancana are also referred to as the South American Rumpless chicken. These beautiful birds come with funny little beards. They originate primarily from Chile and have some rather unusual characteristics which believe it or not they lay blue eggs!
The Puffy Headed Appenzeller Native to Switzerland, the Appenzeller is an outstanding looking bird. There are two known types of this breed, namely the Barthuhner and the Spitzhauben. The Spitzhauben having a very distinctive V shaped comb while the Barthuhner is bearded and has a rose comb but unfortunately doesn’t have a crest. The breed has a uniquely spotted plumage and is a very elegant bird.
The Frizzy Frizzle These frizzy feathered chickens are quite frankly amazing to look at. Their feathers curl from their bodies. Some chicken owners consider this as a totally unique breed. However other breeds of chickens can boast curly feathers too but not as striking as the Frizzle!
The Devilish Crevecoeur This is another example of an extremely rare breed. Originating primarily in the Normandy town called Crevecoeur situated in France. The breed is one of the eldest French chickens and may even be an ancestor of the La Fleche however this has never been confirmed. The birds have beautiful speckled black plumage with a letter V shaped comb.
The Fabulous “La Fleche” In France there are a variety lovely chickens breeds. None so fabulous than the “La Fleche”. The breed today is considered very with numbers fortunately but slowly on the increase due to the dedication and commitment of several poultry fanciers in France and around in the world. The main trait of this chicken is its unusual shaped comb which sits in a distinct letter V shape.
The Sophisticated Sultan This outstanding breed of chicken is quite literally covered entirely in feathers. With exceptionally long ones on their feet. The breed is originally from Turkey and have been mainly been considered as an ornamental bird. Many years ago, these chickens were often kept by Ottoman sultans within their gardens. Today however, the breed is kept very much for a similar reason, which is to be an ornamental show bird.
The Pretty Ball Polish This breed is truly out of this world, especially to look at with its enormous feathered crest. This breed is primarily bred for the purpose of being a show bird but originally these feathery looking chickens were originally kept and bred as egg laying birds.

The Funny Faced Faverolle These fluffy looking birds have gorgeous puffy tufts and beards on the sides of their faces. Almost similar to Father Christmas. In fact, in the festive song, ‘12 days of Christmas’ the song makes reference to three French hens which just so happen to be the fantastic Faverolles.These chickens are native to France. Today, the Faverolle is often reared by enthusiasts who love to show off their birds. You can spot many of them at poultry or large agricultural shows

The Silly Silkie are adorable if not a little strange looking for a chicken. They are renown for their extremely docile temperament. It’s believed these chickens originally came across from China or possibly other Asian countries. It received its name from its extremely distinctive plumage which feels incredibly just like silk. Silkies also boast bizarre dark blue colored skin. Their bones are also the same colour. Silkies also have five toes on their feet, uncommon for a chicken.
The Beautifully Booted Bantam When you first come across this breed of chicken, there does not seem to be anything in particular unusual about them. Then when you eventually look a little closer, you suddenly notice their feet. Their feet are covered in long soft feathers, hence their name ‘Booted’. They are beautiful looking chickens with a fantastic array of colored plumage.
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