Coop Plans

How to build a Chicken Coop

Every Plan Comes With Complete Material List. You get a detailed material List to print out and take to your local hardware shop… so they can prepare and even saw everything to the right dimensions for you! It”s like getting a flat-packed coop kit for pennies on the dollar. You’ll Also Get Access To instructive and interesting videos about chickens & chicken coop building.

Benefits of Building Your Own Coop

• You Get to Choose Material If you build your own chicken coop you get to choose the FINEST material from your local hardware shop instead of having to pay premium for ready made coops that’s been built with low-quality material!

• Build the Perfect Coop For YOUR Needs When building your own coop you get to build a coop that suits YOUR exact needs. Want a coop large enough for 2 chickens? Need a full-sized chicken condo that can hold 25? No problem! You’re in charge.

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