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      July of 2016 we will be giving away one Chicken Coop thanks to the  donations & participation, in the Large Chicken Coops foundation. 1 lucky winner will receive the top prize chicken coop. NOTE: You must join our community and be involved in our forum to have a chance at winning

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    The more you are involved the better the chances are of you winning!


    Sign up today! 1 time entry will be entered for life, if you win! you will be contacted by us for shipping details/when you should expect to receive your free coop. We do ask if you happen to win a free coop that you please come back and share your experience with our community. Please leave us a detailed message this will be taken in to consideration when choosing a winner.

    Good Luck!                                                cl_animate03_1.gif~c200

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    Angela from Rhode Island congratulations on winning the free chicken coop for march 2015


    Brenda from Louisiana congratulations on winning the free chicken coop for march 2016 (VIDEO COMING SOON)

    We are gladly accepting donations for the free coop give away. Please take in to consideration that your donation will go to help support those who really cant afford a new home for their chickens. We would love to give away a free coop every month but our budget does not allow for this to happen.So maybe with a few donations a month we could make this possible for those who are in need of a new chicken coop.