Coop Concierge System

coop-concierge-doorThe Coop Concierge system has many features to care for your chickens and make your experience with them all the more enjoyable. A major feature of the Coop Concierge system is its automated door that control the chicken’s movements in and out of the coop.  Soon after daybreak the automatic door will open letting them into the yard or their pen. Soon before nightfall (2 years of observation put that time at when the sun is 4 degrees below the horizon), the door closes to keep the chickens inside and the predatory animals at bay. These door times are based off of the habits of chickens and can be tailored in the settings for each individual chicken coop.  Also, there is a feature for any chickens who forgot to come back in on time; the “Tardy Chicken” function causes the door to open for a short period a set time after the door had closed for the night. Some other door features include the sensor, double-down, and door manual overrides.

The Sensor feature prevents the door from closing on a chicken in the doorway by sensing if it touches anything.The Double-down feature causes the door to close twice to rid the doorway of any obstructions such as hay and the manual overrides allow for the door to be opened or closed at the touch of a button. Some Current Features that do not involve the chicken door includScreen Shot 7.17 AMe the lighting system, in-coop outlets, battery and/or solar capabilities.The lighting in the coop can be turned on/off by buttons on the main control panel and will automatically turn on when the door is opened and at certain times of day to simulate summertime conditions and cause an increase in egg production (ie “laying light”).The in-coop outlets can be used for heat lamps, fans, or any other device your chickens may require.

An internal battery can be requested for the Coop concierge that will protect the Coop’s systems in case of power outages or, along with an optional solar panel, can provide power for your chicken coop without the need to run an extension cord.The Coop Concierge is always gaining new features. Some of the features that are currently being developed are temperature sensing capabilities. This allow the user to set what they would consider to be dangerously hot or cold temperatures and to have a specific power source activate. For example, if the temperature were to go above the user set safe preset, a power source with a fan or exhaust system will be activated and that device will turn on. A similar process would happen if the temperature became too low and a heater or heat lamp’s power source would be turned on. Look forward to these features in future versions of the Coop Concierge system software.

-Other System Components Auto Door:

The Auto Door allows for the safe entering and exiting of the chickens.  It is based on the sunrise and sunset to let the chickens out in day and close them in at night. The Automatic Door can also be manually overridden by the user to open and close any time he/she presses the proper button.The Auto Door is one of main functions of the Coop Concierge.In-Coop Outlet: This is a standardized GFI protected double outlet with ground.  It provides electricity for any possible extra needs of your flock. It provides power for heat lamps, fans, or any other device a chicken could need in a coop.  The In-Coop outlet is protected for debris and other unwanted material from clogging by a weather proof outdoor seal. This comes standard with every Coop Concierge system.

Extra In-Coop Outlet (Optional): This is an additional plug that is for easy power access if electricity is needed elsewhere in the coop or the standard outlets are filled.  The extra outlet is directly connected to the control box. Battery (Optional): The battery of a Concierge system maintains the coop’s systems during a power outage or, in a solar panel setup, charges during day and discharges some of its power in the night. This can be very useful for someone who loses power often, has a solar setup, or simply wants the peace of mind that a battery provides.  The battery is stored in the first nesting area, which is then cut off from the rest of the chickens.  A full battery can run the Coop Concierge system, including lights, door, and control box, for up to seven days.Solar Panel (Optional): The solar panel, with battery, makes your coop completely mobile and self-sufficient. The solar panel takes away the need to run a power line to the coop.  In more sunny areas, the solar panel will be enough to keep the coop powered for the entire year.  If not, the system may need to be supplemented by an extension cord during the deep winter months.